The Constant Search for Peace of Mind


Peace of mind is an indispensable thing that everyone must strive to acquire just like food, clothing and shelter. Your school achievements, fat bank accounts or even luxurious items like cars and jewelry wouldn’t really matter if you can’t sleep at peace every night or maintain a healthy relationship with the people around you.


Take Macbeth for example. He gloriously usurped to the king’s throne after murdering the crowned head but did he have a happy life after that? Sure, he got the unyielding power and influence but the psychological stain that his heinous crime brought to him and his wife just deprived the both of them their sanity, peace of mind and eventually their own lives.

So now you’re aware of the adverse effects that the absence of peace of mind can bring. (It can kill you like Macbeth! 🙂 ) Here are some steps that may guide all of us in pursuing peace and harmony in our everyday lives.

1.)  Appreciate yourself and the things that you’ve done. Never ever underestimate yourself because how would everyone else appreciate you if you yourself cannot? Sometimes we tend be self-depreciating when problems and trials come our way.


“Always accept and feel comfortable with your flaws, that way no one can ever use them against you.” –  Unknown

Slow down. Take a sit, close your eyes and relax yourself. Remember all the good things that you’ve done in the past. Take yourself back to the time when you got a good score in an exam or helped a friend in his/her problem or did a really great job in a report. 

2.) Never ever ever envy others. Well, I must admit that this one’s really difficult. Envy is something that’s already imprinted in our human nature since Cain killed his own brother Abel. As humans, it’s natural for us to feel a little jealous when someone got a higher score than you in a test or a when somebody’s earning more than you do or when someone flaunts his girlfriend or boyfriend in social networking sites while there you are in front of your pc, feeling forever alone. Yes, it does suck especially when you really know that you deserve it more than they do.


Just think that it’s not yet your time. Imagine yourself as a caterpillar and the people you envy as butterflies. Of course you’d think that they’re more beautiful and loved than you are, but just when you thought that it’s the end of the world, BOOM. You transformed into a more elegant, striking and enormous butterfly than any butterfly in the world.

Envy wouldn’t do you any favor, aside from the fact that it’s included in the seven deadly sins. It will just leave you a heavy and miserable feeling every now and then because you keep on comparing yourself to others. It will just make you look at your friends and people of potential help and companionship as vicious competitors and adversaries. It will just leave you with a lonely and never-satisfied disposition in life. You will never appreciate the works of others and you will never appreciate your own self as envy leaves you without any satisfaction, security and happiness.

Realize that your worth is not based on how you fare in comparison to others because you are unique and special in your own little ways.

“The flower which is single need not envy the thorns that are numerous.”Rabindranath Tagore

3.)  Be responsible for your actions.

By being responsible, it means that you are the one who is accountable and liable for the things that you do.

It is not your mother, your dog or your favorite tv show that makes your personal decisions in life. It is you, first and foremost. By taking responsibility for your life, you would not find the need to blame others for the outcome of the things that you do.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”Abraham Lincoln

For example, you planned to do your assignment at 8pm. Incidentally, you found out that your favorite show, let’s say “Juan Dela Cruz”, also airs at the same time so you chose to leave your assignment behind to make room for your favorite show. Suddenly, your mother arrived home and found you slouching in the sofa while your assignment is languishing in the table. You then blame your favorite tv show for your irresponsibility. Sounds illogical, doesn’t it?

You have to accept that you are the captain of your own ship. You are the one who makes your own destiny, your own monsters and your own heroes. Yes, there are a lot of distractions everywhere in different forms but letting them affect you is a choice. You may not be able to control the things around you but you can control your actions.

4.) Strive for contentment.

Being content doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less. It also doesn’t mean that we stop seeking ways to make ourselves better, striving to have a better life or having ambitions and goals.

As we grow older, we let go of the things that we enjoy as children. We see things as possible opportunities to make money and make our lives better or merely instruments of survival in this fast-changing world instead of things that should be cherished or enjoyed. As our innocence begins to wear off, we forget to enjoy the journey of life as we become more concerned about the destination.


By being content, we practice the art of acknowledgement. We acknowledge the blessings that we have instead of dwelling in the things that we lack. We enjoy the small things that happen every day. We do random acts of charity. We do not envy others. We value the things that are essential in our life such as love, friendships and relationship with our family more than worldly and temporal things.

“One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We should be aware that contentment is not a permanent destination. It is a life-long process that involves hard work, commitment and positivity. Sometimes, the search for contentment is more important than contentment itself.

5.) Maintain an open communication with your parents.

Your parents, just like your best friends also have the right to know what is happening in your life right now. As teenagers, we find it hard to open up to our parents about sensitive issues such as love and the like.

Our parents also went through that stage in their lives so they can also relate to our own problems and situations. We should not be strangers to our own parents. For example, if you are bullied in school, it is just right for your parents to know about it so necessary steps would be taken.


“My heroes are and were my parents. I can’t see having anyone else as my heroes.”Michael Jordan

6.) Use the internet to your own advantage.

The fact that you’re reading this just means one thing. You have internet access. Instead of using the internet to satiate your sexual desires, why not use it as a source of information to improve our lives?

The internet is never short of blog articles about strengthening oneself, overcoming low self-esteem, dealing with bullies and pursuing peace of mind. The internet contains everything you need (of course virtually).

In spare time, you can read quotes about responsibility, love, hope and contentment. Quotes of Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou, Dalai Lama, Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi are of great help in those subjects. Try to watch Youtube videos of motivational speakers.

                               I don’t know if you’d consider Lloyd Cadena’s videos as inspirational but it’s so damn funny and it’s motivational for me! 🙂

Do listen to motivational songs that can keep you going. Music is a powerful platform to spread messages of love, empowerment and acceptance. It doesn’t just relax; it also gives you that drive to keep going and to stay strong and resilient.


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    peace of mind over wealth accumulation, and view longer life
    expectancies as a chance to explore new options and/or pursue old

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