Even Iron Man Once Smoked Weed

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.” -George S. Patton

It is not a secret that the real man behind Iron Man’s suit of armor—Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr.—who is one of the most bankable and successful actors of his generation and who is arguably at the apogee of his career right now, had once hit rock bottom.

Not-so-invincible past of the man who played Tony Stark on the big screen

Not-so-invincible past of the man who played Tony Stark on the big screen

Long before fighting fierce duels  against a long list of supervillains on the big screen—which included Zeke Stane and Madame Masque to name a few—to save the human race, the man who gave life to Tony Stark  had to fight countless, lengthy battles against drug addiction and substance abuse first in real life.

 Sure, he had lost a lot of movie and television roles because of legal battles, personal dramas and detention in treatment facilities, but Robert Downey Jr. was able to turn his life around, and his amazing Hollywood comeback still remains to be a class of its own—starring in an array of both critically acclaimed and box-office films while also collecting awards and recognitions along the way.

So what’s really my point here? Before I even allow you ponder that question, let me first give a warm and festive welcome to myself! It has been what, a long, lonely eight months—which had oftentimes felt like eternity—since my last blog post, and this one marks my first post for the year.

brad-pitt (1)




There is a barrage of reasons which would explain my cold (and missed? 😎 ) absence in the blogosphere. First of course, is the ever-hectic and loaded schedule of a student who is about to finish high school in flying colors. (Hihi 😉 ) Then that was exacerbated by an attention span that is about as long as Kris Aquino’s new hair and a perfectionist attitude that is about as productive and responsive as the Philippine government during the wrath of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Oh yes! After four years of joys, fun, learnings, uncertainties, blood, sweat and tears, I did finish high school—as our batch valedictorian! Thank you Lord! :-)

Oh yes! After four years of joys, fun, learnings, uncertainties, blood, sweat and tears, I did finish high school—as our batch valedictorian! Thank you Lord! 🙂

Anyway, enough of giving reasons—that’s for our beloved politicians and not for a sixteen-year-old to do—and please give me another chance to rebuild and get this blog back to its past form. Or better yet, please let me do the thing that I’m most passionate about again which is to write, share stories, and in the process inspire more people.

Okay, I am not by any means a weed smoker nor do I have plans of being one in the future yet. (I swear I didn’t mean to type that! It was my finger—oh wait that is again, for the evil Filipino politicians to do. 😉 )  Like Mr. Downey Jr., we too can turn our lives around and start anew—no matter if you are a philanderer, a drug addict, or a shameless, asshole Filipino politician. You just have to have faith, commitment and discipline to really change and wake up every day with that strong urge to do things differently and better this time around.


One of my favorite, life-defining quotes of all time says, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” This is what I exactly need right now because in the past months when I was not able to maintain this blog, I was too focused on taking the big steps; it was either a big step or none at all. What did not occur to me was that—just like what Martin Luther King Jr. said—it doesn’t matter if you walk or crawl or fly as long as you move forward.

And since the writer of this blog is an incoming freshman Journalism student at the University of the Philippines-Diliman this August, I vow to use the remaining three, long months of idleness into a worthy and fun-filled journey of fun and sensible randomness in my writings!

Here’s hoping that my comeback will be more of a Robert than a Lindsay! So yeah, I’d better hit the ground running! 😉



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  1. Alona says :

    Congratulations and welcome back! 🙂

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